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Indian Diet For Weight Loss In 30 Days

Indian Diet For Weight Loss  In 30 Days

Indian Diet For Weight Loss  In 30 Days

Let's know it is very difficult to  weight loss without a healthy, balanced and low calorie diet plan. You can take advantage of this diet plan to lose up to 10 kg in 1 month. With this diet plan,  30-minute workout can give you better results in the morning. In this diet plan the metabolism rate is increased from morning to morning so that weight loss can be done quickly. So there is something to eat in a little while.

Morning drink

Ditox water helps in removing excessive sodium from unwanted toxic substances, accumulated water and body in the body. It boosts your metabolism and burns calories faster than your body. Depending on your body you can choose one of the following detox drinks. You have to drink it regularly for a month. Lemon detox drink, ginger detox drink, cumin detox drink, apple cider veniger detox drink etc..

Weight loss: Breakfast 

You only have to select only calories that come in your breakfast within 250.


To make oatmeal in breakfast, add 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup skim milk and small spoon honey or other sweetener. You can also put apple or black grapes on it.

Apple Smudge and Almonds

To make it, mix 2 medium sized apples with 1 cup skim milk and mix 1 tsp of honey and mix some cinnamon powder from top. Also eat 9-10 almonds with it.
Indian Diet For Weight Loss  In 30 Days

Weight loss: Mid Day Snakes


 You have to eat 100 to 150 grams of salad. In it you can eat any green salad. Remove the seeds from the cucumber account time. After 15 minutes of eating salad.

Weight loss: Lunch 

You have to eat inside 500 calories.

Rice+ Dal

You can eat  simple 1 cup  streamed brown/ white rice with 1 bowl homemade Dal. You also add 100 gm yogurt and 1 curry. 

Weight loss: Pre Workout Meal

In this meal  you have to eat 2  Banana, 50 grams Peanuts 1 peace Brown Bread with 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.

Weight loss: Post Workout Meal

In this meal you should eat voog quality protin. So 1 schoop of whey protein with 1 glass of water.  You can eat also 6 egg whites.

Weight loss: Dinner 

Your dinner should be 250 calories. For this, you can eat -

Roti and boiled vegetables / boiled chicken/ Soya Curry

 In the dinner,  you can eat half cup of soya bean curry or half cup chicken curry with 2  Roti. These roti should be made of  whole grain flour.

Drinking hot water before sleeping at night, obesity quickly ends. It gives body dirt and sleep well.

Do not consume alcohol/ Cigarette

Do not eat junk food 

Do not drink water with meal, keep a gap at least 30 minutes.

Drink at least 2-3 ml. Water in a day.

Follow this diet for 30 Days and see the amazing result.


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