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Top 10 Most High Calorie Food

Top 10 Most High Calorie Food

Top 10 Most High Calorie Food 

High calorie food are rich in nutrients. High calorie foods helps us to gain weight, gain muscle, maintain diet etc. 
Today we are telling you some high calorie protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat foods that will help you gain weight.

Weight Gain Food List: 

1. Rice 

Rice are one of the most high calorie food.  Rice are filled with lots of carbs, fiber. 
No matter it's white/ Brown rice. 

2. Banana 

Banana is most high calorie food too.  Banana is low on fat and high on calcium  and iron.

3. Potato 

Potatoes are also most high calorie food. High on starch , high on nutrition, potatoes are a complete high calorie food that can be eaten baked or grilled or even boiled. Along with starch the skin of the potato also gives you potassium.

4. Egg

This is the easiest thing that you can lay in your hand around in the kitchen and probably the most economically too.
Buy make sure that you have whole eggs
 Eggs are rich in complete protin that helps you to gain muscle .

5. Nuts 

Nuts are one of the most high calorie food.  Peanuts , almonds , Cashew nuts  & other kind of nuts are rich in good quality fat , that's help you to gain weight . 

6. Pasta 

Pasta is most high calorie foods too. Most pastas are made from either wheat  or semolina  that adds to high calories along with fibers too. Having with these some sauces  for gaining healthy fat.

7. Brown Bread

Another most high calorie food that you can add your everyday diet includes wholegrain breads. These contain natural gluten, which is high on calories  and also feels you up. 

8. Chocolate

Basically the dark chocolate  are rich in nutrients. And of course these are most high calorie food  that all age groups love indulging in.

9. Nuts butter 

Like nuts, nut butter also the most high calorie food. These are filled with good quality fat. 

10. Flax seeds 

Flax seeds are a good source of many nutrients. Their health benefits are due to Omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and fibre. Dietary fibre helps promote bowel movement and improve digestive health.

Calories in Food

  1. Rice ( 130-150 cal. / 100gm )
  2. Banana ( 120 cal. / 100gm )
  3.  Potato ( 80 cal. / 100gm )
  4.  Egg ( 70 cal. / 1 whole egg )
  5.  Nuts ( 560-580 cal. / 100gm )
  6.  Pasta ( 300 cal. / 100gm )
  7.  Brown Bread ( 300 cal. / 100gm )
  8.  Chocolate ( approx. 450-500 cal. / 100gm )
  9. Nuts butter ( 580 cal. / 100gm) 
  10.  Flax seeds ( 590 cal. / 100gm).        
These are the most high calorie food at chepecst price.

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